Peaceful Playgrounds

Monthly Peaceful Playground Tip: Play Nice!

Redwood Institutes a Freeze Signal

Most students will benefit from a clear transition from recess to the classroom. Requiring students to freeze at the sound of whistle has many benefits:

  1. Reduction in playground injuries.
  2. Calm children returning to classroom in an orderly and controlled manner.
  3. Easier to gain control of children after recess to remind them of rules and procedures.
  4. Prevents the mad dash to be first in line.
  5. Equipment can be accounted for before children released to walk- back-to-class. 


Header: Peaceful Playground Reminders!!!
Body: Follow the Rules on the Playground

  1. No rough playing
  2. No toys or equipment brought from home
  3. No playing tag is allowed

Redwood Peaceful Playground Poem

Everything I Learned in Life: I Learned on the Playground.

Play by the rules. Behave or you will not get to play. Dress appropriately. Keep track of your stuff. Be polite.
Take turns. Share. Make friends. Tolerate the differences of others.
Consider the feelings of others. Give everyone a chance. Get along. Be humble.

Remember. Cheaters never really win and winners never cheat.
Don't tear up the equipment. Put stuff back where you find it.
Show sportsmanship. Shake hands. Practice to get better at everything.
Know the score. Never give up! Try your best, always in all ways!