Redwood Teachers are the BEST!

Redwood Teachers were treated to a week of appreciation for the hard work and dedication they have shown this year. As we all know, this year held many changes for our community. We often say that teachers are life-long learners and they have demonstrated that this year!  Learning how to connect with students and families virtually has had it's challenges and rewards. Moving to in-person instruction was exciting as teachers finally got to meet some of their students face-to-face. While it's been an unusual year, we are all looking forward to being on campus every day to make the most of our learning time together. 
Teachers were treated to coffee, donuts and fruit as they came on the Redwood campus Monday morning. Tuesday they were encouraged to "Take a Break" with a Kit Kat Bar. The now famous "Wheel of Names" was spun and Mrs. Lopez won a $25 Gift Card! Thursday the Redwood teachers received delicious sandwiches, made by Mrs. Hernandez, and some of us sat on the grass (following social distancing guidelines and enjoy lunch picnic still.  We love our teachers a "Lotto" and they were each given a lottery card on Friday. Our district also provided donuts on Friday.
We can never thank our teachers enough for what they do for our students and families, but we hope that this week we were able to show them how proud we are of their perseverance this year!
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